Property Renovation

Now although many people associate this service specifically to builders and construction companies, what you may not realise is that a skilled group of carpenters and converters can provide this service just as well. Considering carpenters are also just as skilled and creative when it comes to loft conversions and garage conversions, it is only natural that a few carpenters are also just as able to work on property renovations throughout the United Kingdom. Not only are they able to, but they have also become quite skilled at doing so when considering the work that has been done in the past. The jobs themselves are not always the same, but what you can be rest assured with is that they follow the same pattern to ensure the job is done both safely and as efficiently as possible.

With a property conversion, you may be better off using a carpenter who is skilled at bespoke furniture rather than using a builder or a construction company for a few reasons. If you are a more creative and artistic person, then using a bespoke carpenter means you can be extremely creative with the design and woodwork of the renovation itself. A property renovation is not the exact same thing, but for the most part you can still renovate and convert a home at the same time, so I will be referring to both. When you are renovating a property, the best thing that you could possible do is convert some of the rooms within the property to ensure the best possible project completed.

With a property renovation, a carpenter can do some incredibly artistic woodwork carvings within both the support beams of the home and other areas as well. This includes anything from the windowsills of the home to the fireplace around the area. It really does not matter what type of wood you are talking about or how the wood is used, but it does allow some space for artistic creativity. With the possible carvings that bespoke carpenters can create within the woodwork itself, you are allowing for a new possibility of decorations for your home. Within this realm of possibility, the choice is clearly up to you. Whatever you may like to see created or added, the carpenter can do so.

This is also included within bespoke furniture options. The same carpenter should be skilled enough to create any type of bespoke furniture that you may like. If you are going to renovate your property, the best thing you may be able to do is create bespoke handmade furniture to match. A new bed frame or even a couch and dining table may be better. Not only does it bring the room itself to life, but it may also allow the room to share the same design scheme as the rest of the home without contrast.

One of the companies that are truly skilled working on a project like a?Loft Conversion in Newcastle, England is Loft Conversion Newcastle. They are a company of skilled carpenters and decorators that are able to create and convert properties and lofts with the most skill. They are better than most of companies that I have had the pleasure to work with in the past.

Bespoke Furniture Carpentry

Even though we have spoken a lot about conversion options, one of the easiest ways for a carpenter or a joiner to increase the property value of any commercial or residential property is through bespoke handcrafted furniture’s. If you are a skilled carpenter or you can hire a skilled master craftsman, then you will have access to one of the easiest ways to make and create money within the world. No matter what property you step foot into, you will see furniture of all shapes and sizes. Whether the furniture itself is usable and functional, or it is simply there to be displayed and decorate the home, the opportunities are endless. This is something that you should always consider if you start to run out of options in terms of both conversions, extensions and even through upkeep.

The easiest opportunity to take advantage of the rising property value through furniture is within the living room. The living room houses the most important and most used furniture within the entire home. Not only are couches, sofas and ordinary chairs used every day, they are completely customisable. Another important thing about the same furniture within the living room is the fact that it is the first set of furniture a visitor (or potential property buyer) would see. First impressions make a massive difference in life, whether it’s from human interaction or the first sight within a room. These are small things to keep in mind if you would like to add a few thousand more at least.

The same furniture is also completely customisable as I had mentioned earlier. Any carpenter that is skilled and able to create bespoke furniture can be very creative and elegant. They can carve designs and markings within the wooden legs of the sofa or table, and are also able to carve distinctive patterns to really made that same wooden furniture stand out. That is also explaining the obvious without mentioning something even more obvious, which is the timber that is used itself. The timber and materials that are used to build and manufacture these same furniture’s are just as important as the designs themselves. You can go for cheaper options, but the more expensive timber not only sets out the entire room, but they also add on larger property values just based on the materials.

You can even customise the materials that are used for the finishing’s of the furniture. With a couch for example, you always have the option to use softer silks and threads if you would like. You even have the option to use purple dyed velvet if you decide that is what you want. Things like the materials may seem small at first, but once you begin to realise these things add up into more money for you, the more important that the carpentry skills become. Bespoke furniture is one of the easiest and efficient ways to drive up the property value of your home. The only thing that you need to ensure when creating a project such as this is that you are not designing to your specific tastes. It must be elegant, sleek and beautiful for everyone. It almost should be an ergonomic attraction, since you have no idea of the tastes the buyers may have.

Carpenters are one of the best options when it comes to increasing property value, so make sure you take full advantage of these options before you make any decision.

Garage Conversions

Just like loft conversions around the world, another way for a carpenter or a joiner to significantly increase the property value is through a garage conversion. Within certain sections of the United Kingdom, often a garage is not necessary to store a car within your home because there is enough space within either the driveway, or the front of the home on the street itself. That is why some people decide that the better thing that you could do with your garage is to convert it into a useful living space. This can take shape and form in many ways. Often, a garage conversion is used to create a living space that allows for the owner of the home to both increase the property value of the home itself and use the room for a different function, such as a hobby room, gaming room, home office or even a bedroom.

A garage conversion (depending on which company you go with) is a common project that carpenters have undertaken. Since most garage conversions do not require the garage itself to be extended upwards or outwards, it is very easy for a carpenter to ensure structural integrity using wooden beams and other materials that ensure safety. Luckily, most carpenters can locally source green raw materials from within the local area, so you are not asked to ship bulk quantities of expensive raw materials and having to pay large shipping costs. That also means you are not forced to buy more exotic woods and timber based on the recommendations of certain companies that operate in the trade currently.

With a garage conversion, the structure already being built does make it easy for just a carpenter to work on the conversion rather than an entire building company, but with the same rule there are obviously restrictions. One of these restrictions are the amount of space you would have within the room itself. Since a carpenter does not have the resources or labour skills and time to be able to build and extension within the garage, and the carpenter themselves can only perform the conversion within the allotted space, the actual conversion itself will be limited to the space available. This should not be too much of an issue for most rooms, but it is rather dependant on what you would like done with the conversion. Most of rooms within a garage space will significantly raise the property value of your home naturally, so any luxurious rooms are not necessary.

The average garage has enough space for a double bedroom, or a single bedroom and a bathroom if the garage itself is big enough. These are also rooms that do not take much resources in both labour and materials, meaning that the average price per conversion would be a lot lower. The even more important thing to note is the return on investment you would receive from the conversion. Your property value – dependent on where you live – could increase all the way up to £40,000+! Considering you would spend a maximum of £7,500 for the conversion, that is over 500%.

I hope that you enjoyed todays blog post, and I hope you enjoy some of the posts that we have coming up in the future to help rise your property values too!


Carpentry is an often forgotten about trade when it comes to property value and the real estate market. The majority of those who wish to purchase a home to then sell it afterwards for a greater amount or even those who wish to make some extra improvements to their home before selling it will overlook the use of a carpenter. They may decide that a builder or engineer to add extensions or conversions would be better, or a landscaper to either remodel their garden or clean the area up. However, what many people do not realise is that a carpenter or joiner can increase the property value of any home or commercial building significantly by major or in some cases minor works and projects.

During this blog, we will go into much detail regarding what exactly can be done to increase the property value using carpentry services, by either telling you the specific products or projects that can be done or even just examples of what had been done in the past. In this specific blog post however, I will be giving you an overview of both what can be done in summary and a basic summary on how I feel regarding the carpentry services for property value gain. Carpenters and joiners are an incredibly talented and gifted group of tradesmen, since the important of using such detailed and master craftsmen will help ensure that you are able to get the best possible service for yourself.

Carpentry and joinery as a trade is not only very important for new additions and fixtures within your home, but also for repairs and upkeep of existing features within your same home. Most of the property value within a home comes from the general structure and state of the building and foundations itself, with the rest coming from additions and fixtures that are present within the home itself. Carpentry tradesmen work with wood and upkeep themselves day to day, and they understand more than most when something looks fragile, weaker or broken down over time. Having a carpenter assess and survey the average wood foundation around your home is a smart thing to do even if you do not require the additions or fixtures necessary to increase property value further.

A carpenter and joinery however, is mainly used to provide homes with those extra final touches and additions that make an expensive house just that much more expensive. This can be done by creating new furniture and cabinets, doors and windows, desks and built-in wardrobes or even entire loft conversions. Other times, it can come down simply to creating a partitioned wall that blends two rooms together seamlessly, or creating a lighting and sound fixture set up that blends and works together so well. It can be done through many simplistic or overtly creative ways. If the project is realistic and it also looks as if it has been completed masterfully, you can guarantee that it’s return of investment will be well worth the money you spent for the work to be completed.

Please stay tuned to the blog, and we will make sure to include much more in depth and comprehensive information. We will ensure that you know how to use a carpenter or a joiner to increase your property value largely!

Loft Conversions

One of the biggest potential things that you can do and a carpenter to increase your property value for your residential home are loft conversions for homes that cannot use any more extensions or additions. Loft conversions are a great way for a carpenter to increase the property value of a home without having to significantly invest within your home, or in some cases without having to ask for planning permission to do so either. With other building projects, you would not only have to pay much more in terms of investment due to materials and labour costs, but you would also have to pay a lot more because of the knockdowns of walls if necessary. The overall difference and increase in investment costs will far outweigh those with a loft conversion or a garage conversion (which we will talk about later).

A loft conversion is only feasible if you have a roof that can handle a loft conversion. Luckily, most roofs in the United Kingdom can in fact handle a loft conversion. If you have a flatter roof, then you could add a mansard conversion which could give you three separate extra rooms within your home. This is of course only necessary if you have more than two floors on your home as it is. If you only have one or two floors, then you may consider getting an extension depending on the area that you live in as that may be a deciding factor on how much property value you can raise. In certain parts of London, you can get a home increase from a two to a three-storey home, that will cost 200,000 but increase your property value all the way up to an extra million. For most homes in the United Kingdom however, the loft conversion is always the much better option.

A very important piece of information that you should be aware of are the many different types of loft conversions that are available. For most of the time, the type of loft conversion that you need to get depends on the roof of your home. As I said before, if you have a flat roof then most times it is best to consider a mansard conversion before anything else. If you have a roof that is slanted on the sides, then a hip to gable will allow you to maximise the roof space and size without having to increase investment from a bare minimum. If you have a roof and would like an extension, a dormer conversion would be the cheapest way to extend outwards. This is all dependent on the roof and what you would like.

The most important piece of information that would be worth a lot to know is the amount of space you would like to add within your loft. A mansard offers the most increase in space, while a dormer would give you a relatively decent amount of extension base. A hip to gable wouldn’t give the biggest increase in space, but rather give you a way to maximise the possible space you could use.

Loft conversions give you the best return of investment for services within your home, especially when you consider what you receive for how little you spend. However, the next blog posts we will let you know of another service that is very helpful for your home within the carpentry services.